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Chronic Disease Management - Cancer Care

Caring for a loved one with a chronic disease comes with many challenges. Between special appointments, medication management, and lifestyle changes, helping a loved one in need quickly becomes a full-time job. 

Many people don’t realize it’s also strenuous for those with a chronic disease to have a family member providing care. Patients are wary of becoming a burden, and they may feel like they have to downplay their needs, pain, or emotional challenges for family members and friends. 

Harmony Caregiving’s experienced caregivers understand these challenges. We approach disease and pain management with compassion and understanding, both for patients and for their family, friends, and current caregivers. When we relieve primary care providers of their responsibilities, we give them peace of mind that we’ll offer our full attention and range of expertise to their loved ones at all times.

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Whole-Hearted Care

At Harmony Caregiving, we take a whole-hearted approach to care. We know that the difference we make for our clients comes from compassion and lightheartedness as much as from our decades of experience. That’s why we take so many extra steps at the outset of beginning a care plan. 

You need a long-term, stable caregiver who shares common passions, ideas, and traits. This is especially true when it comes to caring for people living with chronic conditions. All Harmony Caregiving clients are matched with a personal support worker chosen just for them. This takes some extra effort for us, but the relationships we build as a result are always well worth it.

How We Support You

Preventing and Managing Chronic Disease and Illness 

Our team of caregivers works around the clock to promote health and wellbeing. That includes all the expected care and companionship services, but it also extends to mental health, happiness, and fulfillment for clients and their families. We do that by bringing a personal touch to every visit.  

Our experienced team of caregivers has a range of experience caring for clients with multiple chronic diseases. We are problem-solvers who always see the opportunity to enhance wellness and comfort, whether that means suggesting lifestyle changes or adding new duties and services to help out. 

These are just a few among many chronic illnesses we provide care for: 

  • Dementia & Alzheimer’s: Dementia and Alzheimer’s requires a special type of home care services. Older adults and seniors with these conditions need services that cater to their physical and emotional needs. First and foremost, we provide activities to engage their minds and ensure their happiness and comfort. We can also help make dementia patients’ homes safer and more accessible, preventing falls and ensuring they can’t come to harm accidentally. Our main goal is to establish a sense of consistency through stable routines and household organization.
  • Multiple Sclerosis: Living with MS means taking life day-by-day. It often interferes with daily activities and needs, which is why we provide flexible services including household cleaning, medical appointment accompaniment, and meal preparation for MS patients. Our clients have told us they felt an immediate boost to their quality of life with a care plan from Harmony Caregiving.
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Parkinson’s disease is often bundled up with a list of symptoms, but we know from experience that symptoms vary widely from patient to patient. Mobility is the greatest challenge, making even the simplest tasks challenging and time-consuming. Harmony Caregiving health professionals offer full individual assessments and provide a custom care plan that can be flexible as the disease changes or progresses.
  • Cerebral Palsy: For clients living with cerebral palsy, our main goal is to establish a comfortable sense of routine. This usually includes daily personal care, household chores, medication administration assistance, and medical appointment accompaniment.
  • Cancer Care: Our patients battling cancer always appreciate a kind, helping hand. Whether at home, in transit to appointments, or at a medical centre, our health professionals can offer sensitive and flexible care. In many cases, our cancer patients request regular meal preparation and cleaning services, as well as appointment accompaniment and personal care needs. While we take care of these physical needs, we also provide a strong base of emotional support during each visit. 
  • Arthritis & Fibromyalgia Care: Although it’s possible to live a normal life with arthritis and fibromyalgia, some daily tasks can become bothersome. Allow us to help you or your loved one with these tasks so you can spend more pain-free days relaxing, enjoying hobbies, or chasing goals.
  • Diabetic Care: Harmony Caregiving has many patients living with diabetes, and we know the importance of getting to know you personally. Our clients appreciate our medication management and wound care. Our Registered Dietician can also offer meal plans following diabetic guidelines. Then, our caregivers can prepare the meals. Our caregivers are also certified to monitor glucose testing, symptom management, and our Master Pedicurist is specialized in providing specialized diabetic/complex pedicures with reflexology.
  • COPD & Lung Disease: COPD can be managed by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Harmony Caregiving’s team members can help encourage your loved one to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We’re also trained to help with oxygen and monitor any changes that may indicate a worsening condition. We’ll help create healthy meal plans, aid with medication, provide medical appointment accompaniment, and help maintain a clean environment.
  • Stroke or Heart Disease: Our caregivers are there to help your loved one recover from a stroke or heart attack. We ensure all medications are taken properly and are happy to accompany your loved one to any medical appointments. Our Certified Health Care Aides work in conjunction with your loved one’s physiotherapist, speech pathologist, and any other medical professionals in the healthy system to provide continuous care and promote a speedy recovery.
  • Long or Short Term Disability: Whether you or a loved one is suffering from a short-term disability (such as chronic pain following an accident or surgery) or a long-term disability (such as paralysis), our flexible care plans will provide you and your loved one with the specialized help you need.
  • Children with Developmental Disease, Chronic Illness and/or special needs requiring companionship: You are not alone in caring for your child with special needs. Our caregivers know how to have fun with kids, while also helping mom and dad take care of themselves and their families.

Chronic disease management and disease prevention can be less challenging when you have someone on your side and offering constant support. Our holistic approach to home care helps clients ease the physical and emotional symptoms of disease. That means a healthier, happier life for everyone. 

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