Dementia Care in Edmonton, Alberta

In-Home Edmonton Dementia Care Service

At Harmony Caregiving, we believe it’s possible to provide a high-quality of life for your elderly loved one’s living with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

We provide an in home Edmonton dementia care service for your loved one who is living with dementia, including but not limited to Alzheimer’s disease.

Edmonton Dementia CareWhy Choose Harmony Caregiving for Edmonton Dementia Care?

Our dementia caregivers will help your loved one shine by restoring and enhancing your loved one’s well-being with our in-home  care service. Your caregiver is matched to your loved one’s personality and interests. Each caregiver is trained how to care for someone with dementia through our internal program. Our program teaches our caregivers how to care for dementia patients and how to truly help people with dementia.

Restore Joy in Your Loved Ones Life

The dementia caregiver will help restore joy in your loved one’s life through activities and companionship. Each of our dementia caregivers goes through our vigorous training program. Our staff training includes a mandatory external certification and examination as well as our very own in-house training. We ensure that our dementia caregivers go through our dementia simulation to allow them to experience what your loved one may be experiencing through the stages of dementia. This adds to the dementia caregivers ability to care for your loved one.

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