Legacy Work with Seniors

Benefits of Legacy Work for Seniors

Seniors retain their long term memories much longer than their short term memories. As such reminiscing can be a wonderful way to help seniors engage their minds, spirits and their hearts. While they may be seen repetitive to others, these stories can bring much happiness and contentment to the senior. As such many dementia care experts and advocates endorse reminiscing as a beneficial activity for seniors with dementia (Healthcare Interactive 2007; 2010).

At Harmony we provide a variety of legacy (remembering/reminiscing projects/activities) that can involve the client, the client’s family and a combination of both. Early on in the disease process many persons with dementia may wish to share stories and memories about their life. These can be invaluable gifts to their family and future generations. Even if your loved one with dementia cannot accurately recall information from their past, aspects of their personality and background information can still be captured through legacy work.

Alternatively we can also help family caregivers to do legacy work where they share stories about their loved one. These stories and background information about your loved one can be compiled and stored for yourself and or future generations to come. If you have these stories and memories they can be recited back to your loved one with dementia thereby bringing them joy and contentment in the present. At Harmony we believe a legacy involves more than just the basic information about a person and what valuables they have to leave behind. A true legacy involves the person’s thoughts, stories, personality, beliefs, values and experiences (past /current). This type of information is invaluable to family members and future generations as they capture the essence of who our loved ones are and were.

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