Dementia Kits for Seniors

We Help Keep Your Loved One Engage

Harmony has a wide variety of materials to help engage the senses of seniors. From these materials, we can custom tailor sensory kits for our clients.

What are Sensory Dementia Kits?

Our senses (visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and taste) are the primary ways we gather information from the outside world.

The rate at which seniors with dementia lose their cognitive abilities can vary from person to person. As such some of their senses may be stronger than others. Sensory kits allow seniors to process items using their stronger senses, allowing them to have fun and engage their minds. We can create all types of sensory kits for seniors to suit their level of function and interest.

For instance, a senior with visual processing difficulties may benefit from a tactile sensory kit with may include items like fabrics, textured materials and items that can be easily manipulated by the hands. They may also be assisted by an auditory sensory kit that may include music, pre-recorded stories, poems or information, auditory messages from loved ones, CD recordings of nature sounds, etc.,).

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