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Harmony Caregiving is here to provide peace of mind and support in a world filled with aging parents.  Today, modern families find it difficult to provide their elder parents with all of the support they need in the comforts of their home. Friendship and emotional support are important to your parents in their elder years. Surroundings them with everything they are accustomed to helps them stay engaged and happy. Harmony Caregiving’s primary focus is for family members to have peace of mind and confidence knowing that their loved one is cared for in Edmonton, Alberta, regardless of where you live.

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Elderly Companion Service in Edmonton, AlbertaFor the elderly, tradition, routine, and familiar atmospheres are very important to their well-being and quality life. It’s no doubt, most seniors prefer to remain in their own homes in their final years. It’s where they feel the most comfortable, and this may not alway be feasible, even when family members work hard at accommodating their wishes. Sometimes families just need some additional support to make this happen. Harmony Caregiving is here to provide the extra support and much-needed care. We will provide compassion and care for your loved one through our elderly companion service. Our service is designed to meet your families unique needs and requirements. We are not like other senior companionship sites or senior companionship services.

If you are one of the many people who want to provide your elderly loved ones with all of the care, attention, and love they have earned and deserve, then elderly companion services are the perfect solution for you. Harmony Caregiving is staffed with highly professional companions who are both licensed and certified.  Our elderly companion services offer you peace of mind by ensuring your loved ones is cared for, socially engaged, and emotionally supported.

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Elderly Companionship Care Services Provided by Harmony Caregiving

Bringing a genuine smile to your loved one’s face is our primary objective. Harmony Caregiving is dedicated to the happiness of your loved on. Each of our companions is bonded, insured, and 100% screened. We match your companion to your loved on based on interest, hobbies, and personality. Our senior companionship services are designed specifically for your needs. You can rest assured that your loved one will get the required care when they need it. We are a highly reliable companion team that work hard to ensure you are kept up-to-date with the status of your loved one’s care.

Companionship is critical to the happiness and well-being of your loved one and contributes greatly to their quality of life.

You can rest assured they your loved one will enjoy a delightful companionship, a warm conversation, a healthy meal, someone to reminisce with. Your loved one will also experience emotional support and pure comfort by having someone in their own home to communicate with and help them. The care and well-being of your loved one are as important to us as it is to all of your family members. Your requirements and the needs of your elderly parent will be looked after and managed to your satisfaction.  Elderly companion services offer you and your family the following specialized services:

1. Companionship
Loving staff members share heartwarming conversations, watch television, read together, or even listen to music. Companion care services bring joy to your loved one.

2. Meal Preparations
The preparation of warm, healthy meals that will not only delight your loved one but also provide them with the nutrition and proper daily meals they need.

3. Transportation
Your loved one certainly has doctor appointments that are imperative to their overall health. Our trained companions are here to drive your loved ones to and from appointments and even to social events or other destinations as well.

4. Performing Chores
Dedicated home care companions are capable of performing simple household chores such as laundry, dusting, vacuuming, or putting out the trash to allow your loved ones the ability to maintain their daily lives and keep their homes safe and clean.

5. Medication Assistance
Trusting companions are qualified to assist with the daily administering of medications, which will provide you peace of mind knowing that your loved one never misses a dose of their medications.

Learn About Companionship That’s Matched to Personality & Interests

The Many Benefits of Our Elderly Companion Services

The abundant services provided by our specialized elder care programs have many benefits. We provide you daily comfort knowing that of your precious loved ones is in great hands with Harmony Caregiving. Get the peace of mind you need to manage your life and family without extra stress.  Knowing that your loved one is being looked after while enjoying their daily life in the comfort of their own homes will be a great relief.

Our elderly companionship services are right for you! The benefits of these varied services are obvious and indeed welcomed by all. Quite honestly, love and companionship for your precious loved ones as you go about your hectic life are an absolute true blessing. Dedicated companions and home care providers are remarkably devoted to their clients and strive to provide the utmost in comfort, services, care and love to all of those in need. What greater benefit in life than peace of mind and peace of heart that your loved ones are safe and happy in the comfort of their own homes.

There are no words to describe truly the happiness and security your loved one will experience. They will recognize how important the quality of their life is to your family, and since their companion can assist with tasks and chores, you will get more quality time when you visit. Your loved one will be delighted with the pleasant personality of their matched companion. Your loved one will get matched to a companion that meets their personality, interests, and age requirements to ensure it truly is a great match. Their very own companion will visit their home based on the schedule they need and provide them the with the companionship and the assistance they need in their day to day living.

Learn About Companionship That’s Matched to Personality & Interests

Elderly Companionship Service Gives You Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a phone call away. How wonderful a feeling for you and your precious loved one to know that they will never be alone, and all of their needs are being provided by an elderly companion service whose devoted companions and caregivers choose to accompany your loved ones on the final road of their life’s journey. The moments spent together are truly a blessing for both our companions and your loved one. We truly care about your loved one’s needs and help them cherished and remembered their experiences and joy in their elderly age. Contact us to learn more about how our elderly companion service can help you and your loved one. Home companions for the elderly is our specialty. We specialise in companionship for the elderly! Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you and your loved ones.

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