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Choosing The Right Senior Cleaning Service

A professional senior cleaning service ensures that your loved one has a safe, tidy and healthy home.  Many seniors who are aging find it difficult to accomplish many of the day-to-day tasks that they used to do once with such ease.  Many busy Edmontonians are finding peace of mind by hiring a companion to assist their loved one with their personal care and household needs.  Harmony Caregiving offers light housekeeping and deep house cleaning, depending upon the needs of the persons involved.  Light housekeeping includes chores such as laundry, changing linens, vacuuming, surface cleaning areas such as kitchen counters, table, bathroom surfaces.

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What’s Included in Our Services?

Our deep cleaning services include scrubbing, sanitizing and disinfecting areas such as the kitchen (all appliances, cupboards, bathroom(all fixtures) and other areas as needed. This is a recommended service for elderly persons who have not been able to deep clean in this capacity due to limited mobility issues caused by the normal process of aging, a fall, recent accident causing disability. Deep cleaning is particularly beneficial for those individuals who have weakened immune systems, allergies or other medical conditions that leave them vulnerable to infection and toxins.  Many families choose an elderly housekeeping service that cares about your loved one’s personal care needs, and ensures they have a comfortable, safe and healthy environment. This is an important decision, and here is how we can help:

  • Complimentary Senior Cleaning Service Consultation to determine which type of cleaning service would be best for your loved one
  • Customized Senior Cleaning Service Solutions – using your choice of cleaning supplies
  • Professional Cleaning Staff who are detail oriented, organized and trained to work within a variety of environments
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured Staff to ensure your senior’s  personal safety and the prevention of theft
  • First Aide and CPR Certified Health Care Aides and Cleaners to ensure the personal safety of the clients we serve
  • Health Focused Home Care Aides to assist with light housekeeping as well as personal hygiene care
  • When specialized care such as Memory Care/Dementia Care is required, many of our staff are trained to manage these behaviors
  • Harmony Caregiving seniors cleaning services staff, are trained to help individuals, who have challenges with hoarding; to live in a clean, de-cluttered and healthier environment
  • Seniors Cleaning Services Staff can assist with Move-In & Move-out transitional deep cleaning and packing services

A Local Senior Cleaning Service With a Great Reputation

Reputation matters and our senior cleaning service team ensures the job is done right! We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are satisfied with our senior cleaning services and are living healthily in the comfort of their own homes. Discover what makes Harmony Caregiving different! We design a home seniors cleaning service plan based on your needs to ensure that your loved one is living comfortably in their own home. If you feel like you or your loved ones needs some extra help, contact our Harmonizing Seniors Cleaning Services team, as we help seniors with senior cleaning services every day.

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” When Kathy comes to see me, I feel so different, my place feels so uplifting and clear of negativity. I enjoy the five hours she spends helping me to get my home in order. She is like an Angel, when she leaves I know something special has happened, I just can’t explain it.”   Annie W., Harmony Client

Customized Senior Cleaning Plans For Seniors Are Our Specialty

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Harmony Caregiving helps your loved one shine.  We offer flexible senior cleaning service schedules, and will work with you and your family to cater to its specific needs.  Harmony offers light housekeeping and/or deep cleaning services.  For instance, you may need basic weekly senior cleaning services that include; laundry, linen changes, vacuuming, dusting and wiping down surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and other areas of the home. This local Edmonton senior cleaning service is the right choice for you! Our light housekeeping service also includes the removal of expired foods and taking out the garbage/recycling. Our Deep cleaning services include all of the above as well as complete bathroom sanitation and kitchen appliance disinfecting using hospital grade cleaning products, washing of floors,  window cleaning, furniture care, polishing dishes, silverware, etc., as well as a host of other services as requested.

“Clearing the Clutter in your Physical Space, will go a Long way Towards Clearing the Clutter in Your Mind and Relationships” Peter Walsh

A Health Focused Senior Cleaning Service for Seniors

Senior Cleaning ServiceHarmony Caregiving will use the types of cleaning products and materials that you prefer us to use.  Our senior cleaning service staff carefully consider the types of cleaning products it uses to clean your loved one’s home. We can offer safe, eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques for those who may have sensitivities, allergies or health conditions that can help keep your loved one’s home clean and free of harmful chemicals. You will breathe more easily knowing we use eco-friendly products that are not harmful to your loved one’s health. Our senior cleaning service offers cleaning options specifically suited to the elderly. Stay up-to-date on elder care resources by visiting our blog. We provide help for the elderly, let us help your loved one with our senior cleaning services and senior home care. Contact us to book your complimentary one-hour in-home consultation to learn more about our special services for senior citizens senior and the benefits of working with Harmony Caregiving.

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