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Your parent or loved one is having trouble with some of their daily life activities. You see them struggle and wonder what you should be doing to help. For some, a nursing home facility may be the solution. But, for many others, hiring a caregiver to assist your loved one at home, may be an even better answer. Harmony Caregiving provides specialized senior home care in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our Caregiving Services for Elderly

Senior home care is a service that allows seniors to stay in their homes, while getting the assistance they may need with daily tasks. Depending on the types of needs the senior has, different professionals can provide senior care. For example, if the senior needs rehabilitation after an injury or hospital stay, a physical or occupational therapist may be needed.

However, if a senior simply needs a little support during the day, a caregiver may be just the right person for the job. A caregiver can provide services that range from housekeeping and meal preparation to personal care, such as dressing, toileting, and bathing. Harmony Caregivers receive training and our licensed, bonded and insured. Our in-house program enables our caregivers to provide the assistance and support that your loved one needs.  Harmony caregivers are matched by questionnaires that both the senior or their family, and the caregiver fill out. Matching by personality and interests ensures friendlier and better service.

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Why Senior Home Care

First, a caregiver is often less expensive than care in a facility. Also, care at home is often more advantageous to your loved one. Frequently, if your loved one simply needs a little bit of help with daily living tasks, rather than detailed medical care, home care will be the answer you are seeking.

Home care for seniors is an alternative to facility care in many situations. Many seniors would prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, and thrive on the familiarity of their home surroundings. Home health care can provide your loved one with not only care, but the support needed to live happily and to have the best quality of life.

Senior Home Care Edmonton Alberta

Our Senior Home Care Services

Harmony Caregiving provides that additional assistance when you are unable to in the comfort of your loved one’s home. What to expect from our senior home care service? As you can probably imagine there are many things to do, but just not enough time in the day. There are many things to consider when looking for senior home care including:

  • taking care of home maintenance
  • lawn care and maintenance
  • senior snow removal
  • senior home cleaning
  • managing mail
  • ensure bills and credit cards are up-to-date
  • meal preparation for elderly parents
  • senior errand runs

We care for your loved one for you when you are unable to be there.

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Learn More About How We Can Help With Senior Home Care

Contact us to learn about how we can assist you, whether you are just requesting some additional information so that you can make a well-informed decision when its time, or if you need someone to help your loved one immediately. Get started today with a phone call or a FREE in-home no obligation consultation with an expert that understands senior home care.


    Senior Home Care Benefit The Entire Family

    One benefit of hiring a caregiver for senior home care is that it allows the family to have support and coordination. The agency you choose to provide senior care for your loved one should provide a care coordinator so that the family is kept informed, and involved, as deemed appropriate. This will help to make your loved one’s care the best possible situation, while allowing you to know all that is happening, and to have a say in the care. The caregiver can also let you know about situations that need attention. Often these are things that you may not notice, but a trained caregiver can be more objective about.

    Additionally, home care gives you peace of mind. With a senior home care professional assisting your loved one, you will know that they are being taken care of, even when you cannot be there due to family commitments, work, or even vacations. You will know that your loved one will be eating and dressing rather than lying in bed all day. They will be taking medications as scheduled, rather than forgetting how many pills they took, or other dangerous situations. You will know that when you do get to visit with your loved one, you will be visiting, not doing caregiving tasks that can take away from the fun of the visit.

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    Senior Home Care Benefits The Elderly

    The biggest benefit of home health care for your loved one is that they get to stay in the home they love. They will get to keep all the comforts they enjoy, such as their favorite chair, or the bed they sleep well in. Not only that, but all of the memories that have been made in their home will still be fresh, as they spend time in their kitchen or other special room. They will still have their neighbours and friends nearby, for visits without worry of facility visiting schedules. Furthermore, when seniors are allowed to stay in their homes, they keep more of their independence and dignity. They are allowed to stick with their own schedules and routines, while making many of their own choices, such as what to have for dinner, or which doctor to see. They are not subjected to the rules and regulations of any facility, allowing them to feel more in control of their lives.

    Your loved one will also appreciate the personalized care they will receive from a home care provider. Their caregiver will be able to provide one on one attention, without worry of having to rush off to another patient. Your loved one will be their only concern during their shift. Moreover, since the caregiver is only caring for one person, there is less chance of your loved one developing an infection or other contagious illnesses. This fact, along with the fact that seniors are less stressed at home, leads to longer, better quality lives in Edmonton.

    A caregiver who provides home care can be the best choice for your family, and for your loved one. While the choices may be difficult to make, there are many advantages to caring for seniors at home. Making the best choice for your loved one may mean some changes and adjustments, but, in the end, will prove to be rewarding.

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    Want to Learn More About Senior Home Care?

    If you have any questions or require additional information do not hesitate to contact us. Harmony Caregiving specializes in providing friendly and professional home care services for the elderly in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas. Caregiving for elderly parents is our specialty! We can assist your loved one with senior in home care, contact us for a complimentary consultation from the comfort of your home.

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