Senior Care & Companionship Services to Aid Loneliness, Depression & Isolation

One of the most essential human needs is companionship. We crave the presence and attention of others. As a senior, it becomes harder to get out and interact with people on a daily basis. It’s easy for seniors to withdraw from friends and family. 

Our companionship and homemaking services allow us to provide daily living assistance, along with great company! Harmony caregivers aren’t just selected based on experience and skill; only carers with great personalities, personal values, and positive character traits get to work with the Harmony Caregiving team. 

Companionship combines a great blend of emotional and physical caring. We’ll take care of laundry, light housekeeping, errands, and light meal preparation for you or a loved one.

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Our Companionship Services

Our team knows life is easier and more enjoyable with assistance and some uplifting company. We help you make your day a little brighter by helping you remain independent and able to achieve goals. Our professional caregivers come to your home and help you with the following services: 

  • Providing compassionate and fun companionship, friendship, and emotional support
  • Assisting with all activities of daily living
  • Engaging in heartfelt conversation, talking, listening and sharing stories
  • Accompanying clients to and from medical appointments
  • Daily check-in phone call service
  • Planning meals, getting groceries & running errands
  • Providing medication reminders
  • Preparing and serving light, healthy, and delicious meals
  • Performing light housekeeping activities
  • Fall prevention – removing potential fall hazards in home to ensure mobility and safety
  • Accompaniment for walks or to a gym facility 
  • Encouraging stretching and strengthening the body with light movement
  • Providing mental stimulation like playing games or cards, and puzzle making
  • Inspiring creativity through scrapbooking, journaling, sewing, quilting, painting, or reading
  • Making it possible to spend more time with family and friends and remain connected to the outside world through personal connection and technology
  • Accompanying loved ones to recreational or social events
  • Assisting with planning visits and fun outings
  • Organizing, reading, filing and responding to written, mailed, or emailed correspondence
  • Planning local trips and out-of-town travel
  • Assisting with pet care

Our ultimate goal is to help seniors live independently at home for longer, while giving family and caregivers a much-needed respite when they need it most. 

If you know someone who needs ongoing services, don’t leave them alone and unsupported. Give them the professional, thoughtful home care that comes with a Harmony Caregiving companion.

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Essential Services for The Elderly

Illness, injury, or disability can leave a senior isolated. The following senior companion care services provide support and companionship to seniors:

Good Morning & Goodnight Visits – A personal visit from one of our caregivers in the morning and the evening. They arrive first thing in the morning to assist with your morning routine and at night just before bed to make sure you are safe and sound in your home.

Check-In Service – To ensure your loved one is starting their day off right, we offer a daily check-in service that personally phones your loved one to ensure they are up, have eaten, and are ready for their day. If they don’t answer the phone or don’t sound well, our care team will call the emergency contact and do a home visit to check in.

Online Family Room Check-In Service – We know how busy life gets and how much better you would feel when you know how your loved one is doing. That’s why we created an online web-based solution. You can check in any time of the day or night to see when a Caregiver has visited and what has transpired throughout the day.

Respite/Family Caregiver Relief – Caregivers can become responsible for their loved ones finances, grocery shopping, home cleaning, maintenance, meal preparation, and emotional support. The responsibilities of a caregiver can be overwhelming and lead to caregiver burnout. We offer you some much-deserved relief while providing peace of mind that your loved one is safe.

Hospital Discharge & Coordination – We support our clients with moving to and from the hospital; attending a day procedure and/or surgery, picking up prescriptions, driving back from hospital, and ensuring you are safe and settled in your home.

Trusted Care

When you meet your Harmony Caregiving companion, you won’t be left with a stranger. You’ll be perfectly matched with your companion, so they’ll quickly feel like part of the family. Plus, you can feel safe knowing all of our home health aides have completed thorough background checks and training.

Social interaction is incredibly important for people of all ages, but especially for seniors. Having an essential companion visit your loved one improves their quality of life and helps them feel connected. At Harmony Caregiving, we offer more just than senior companionship; we offer you peace of mind and personalized care so you know your loved one is safe, secure, and happy.

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