Finding Patient-Centred Care in Harmony

July 22, 2015

What is Patient-Centered Care?

Patient-Centered Care is what we as a company believe whole-heartedly. Patient-Centred Care is the philosophy behind the care we provide to each and every client of ours.

The Definition of Patient-Centered Care

According to the Alzheimer’s Society of Alberta the definition of Patient-centred care is as follows;

“Person-centred care is a philosophy that recognizes that individuals have unique values, personal history and personality and that each person has an equal right to dignity, respect, and to participate fully in their environment.

The ultimate goal of person-centred care is to create partnerships with care home staff, people with dementia and their families, to enhance the quality of life and the quality of care of people with the disease. Services and supports are designed and delivered in a way that is integrated, collaborative, and mutually respectful of all individuals involved.

One may never truly realize how important a value such as this is to the life of the one experiencing the journey; Harmony believes that deep within the person experiencing their journey with Dementia they feel the difference this level of care has in their life.

Alzheimer’s Society of Alberta Article on Patient-Centred Care


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