Harmony Caregiving: Early Beginnings

Harmony Caregiving is a family-owned home care business located in Edmonton’s very own Old Strathcona. We are dedicated to offering wholehearted and individualized care and companionship focused on the balance of body, mind, and spirit for all clients. It is our goal to assist and empower seniors to live full and enjoyable lives with dignity and respect.

The company was founded in 2013 by husband and wife team Gavin and Sherry Gibson-Walters, who felt inspired to provide personalized care, comfort, and ease to the elderly after dealing with the aftermath of an unexpected death in their family.

The couple were overwhelmed with all of the decisions and steps that came with the passing of their father. After their mother decided to retire in her family home, the couple moved in with her to help during the transition. Stress mounted as their busy lives expanded to include the management of the home and their mother’s needs; handling her taxes and bills, medical appointment accompaniment, cleaning, groceries and errand running, meal preparation, and home maintenance atop their own tasks began to take a toll. Less than a year later, Sherry was diagnosed with cancer. This began the couple’s journey into holistic and natural healing options to regain her health; they incorporated dietary changes, meditation, sound and music healing, and homeopathy alongside traditional medicine. Sherry’s health returned in full, but their lives had changed and the trajectory had shifted in a new direction.

The Start to Our Wholehearted Senior Care Services

The founding couple believe all of these events happened for a reason. These experiences led them down the path to discovering their life’s true purpose: ensuring the safety and quality of life of our beloved seniors through Harmony Caregiving.

This company strives to provide companionship and at-home support services with holistic care, and treats each person as a whole being. Our intention is to create a strong support team and help prepare facility-transition or age-at-home strategies that allow for the most beneficial life for our cherished elders. We believe in helping clients enjoy every moment of their lives, and supporting our loved ones through their aging process in a way that honours the body, mind, and spirit connection.


Carpe Diem – Seize the Day

Harmony creates a safe and harmonious space in the homes & hearts of those who need a little help from a friend

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