Hospital Admission Preparation & Discharge Coordination

Hospital Intake, Hospital Discharge & Hospital Coordination for Elderly

Hospital Admission Preparation & Discharge CoordinationHarmony Caregiving ensures that all the details of hospital admission preparation & discharge instructions are taken care of from appointment preparation, to pick up and drop off. We fully support our clients with moving to and from the hospital, and your loved one will travel safely to and from their medical appointment with their Harmony Caregiver. Our team will ensure that you have 100% peace of mind that your loved one arrived to his/her medical appointment safely. Harmony Caregiving can help you and your family save time by attending a day procedure and/or surgery, and will also assist with picking up prescriptions while driving back from the hospital. Our caregivers will ensure your loved one is safe and settled in their home upon their return.

Medical Appointment Preparation Matters

Count on Harmony to ensure your loved one is 100% prepared for their scheduled appointment. We help seniors everyday with getting ready for their medical appointments, whether it be obtaining blood work a few days before, or following certain instructions for tests and investigations . The Harmony Caregiving team will also assist with day surgery preparation. Some procedures require a strict preparation before the doctors and medical professional can get started.

Hospital Admission & Discharge Coordination

Our team will ensure that your loved one is ready for their scheduled appointment. Hospital Intake and discharge services include:

  • Appointment confirmation
  • Family doctor booking if required
  • Informing the family of status
  • Providing documents
  • Assistance with preparation for the procedure
  • Getting your loved one to and from the procedure
  • Ensuring they are hydrated
  • Following doctors orders for food ( we cook for you following post surgery dietary recommendations)
  • Assistance with x-rays, day procedures and medical test preparation

With Harmony Caregiving, your family will not miss work or have to deal with expensive travel. We can help with:

  • Assisting with mobilization
  • Acute care
  • Catheter care
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Lifts and transfers
  • Observing and reporting swelling
  • Bowel and bladder assistance
  • Measuring fluid intake and output
  • Use of inhalers
  • Administration of insulin

Pick up & Drop Off

Harmony Caregiving will not only pick up your loved one, but also drop off your loved one. We will stay with your loved one during the procedure. In addition, we will prep the home for return to ensure your loved one is comfortable and ready for their return. Our caregivers can help you run errands, manage and pick up your medications and any new supplies.

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