In-Facility Support for Seniors & Those With Dementia

In Facility Caregiving Services

The transition from home to facility can be tough for seniors and retirees. Many feel lonely, isolated, or unable to do the things they’ve always loved to do. 

Harmony Caregiving’s certified health care aides provide supplementary in-facility elder care services for seniors and older adults living in facilities. Many of our clients live in nursing homes, retirement homes, or independent living communities. 

Professional, Loving Support and Care for Senior Living

Skilled nurses and support staff at assisted living care facilities provide amazing care. Unfortunately, they’re often too busy to provide personalized or one on one services and care. 

For this reason, many seniors and their families choose to hire a Harmony Caregiving companion. Our caregivers provide your loved one with engaging activities, reminiscent conversation, memory care, one on one attention, companionship, and personalized social adventures away from the senior facility they are staying at. 

Care That Feels Like Home

Harmony Caregiving knows that people are most comfortable in familiar surroundings – especially those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Familiarity helps alleviate feelings of anxiety or stress. Aging or healing in a place that feels like home serves them well emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially. 

Harmony Caregiving strives to bring as much physical, emotional, and spiritual stability to seniors in care facilities as possible. We take the time to get to know what elements of your previous lifestyle you want to incorporate to feel more secure and at home. 

The emotional elements of in-facility care are particularly important. The transition to facility living can cause stress, anxiety, grief, and confusion. The transitioning caregiver can assist with the move, help with unpacking, and get started by engaging you with a recreational therapist. We will also help with building strong relationships with other residents.

Additional Care for Your Whole Family

You and your family can rest assured knowing your loved one is getting the essential care required to live safely and happily. We provide supportive services to your family by sharing your responsibilities and keeping your loved one active and happy. This respite gives family caregivers much needed time to rest and rejuvenate. 

Make sure your family has the support and care they need. From daily check-in visits to full 24-hour care service, Harmony Caregiving is here for you.

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“Dementia does not rob someone of their dignity, it’s our reaction to them that does.”  Teepa Snow

In-Home Care Services for Seniors

In some cases, a senior may need help, but be unwilling to transition to a part-time or full-time care facility. We have in-home caregiving options that can help people age in place so they can stay in their homes for as long as possible. 

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