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Meal Preparation for Seniors Edmonton Alberta

Many seniors have told us their greatest challenge is continuing to cook healthy, homemade meals for themselves and their families. 

From shopping, to preparing, to cooking, to cleaning, the duties of meal preparation add up quickly. A few typical issues we’ve seen include eye-strain from reading recipes, standing for long periods of time (which can be hard on joints), and getting to and from the grocery store. This leaves many seniors eating out or eating pre-packaged foods.

Harmony Caregiving offers a popular senior meal service for seniors who need a well-deserved break from the kitchen. We can prepare healthy and delicious meals daily or weekly. 

Delicious, Healthy Meals Made for Your Tastes 

It takes a lot of time and energy to prepare delicious meals, which means that many older adults either don’t or can’t prepare meals for themselves. As a result, seniors end up relying on pre-made meal kits or microwavable dinners. While tasty, these meals lack the nutritional value of a home cooked meal. 

With Harmony Caregiving’s meal preparation services, seniors can enjoy meals that are more nutritious and wholesome than frozen TV dinners. Our meal program is like having your own in-home chef, but at an affordable price. It’s designed and customized to provide your loved one delicious, nutritional meals they’ll love. 

Meal Assistance

Many seniors rely on meals on wheels services to have their food delivered to their homes. This is a great option for seniors who can’t or don’t want to cook. But many seniors still love cooking; they just need a little extra help when it comes to shopping, preparing, and cleaning. 

We know that many seniors still enjoy cooking and baking. That’s why we welcome help in the kitchen. All of our clients are free to cook with their caregiver as little or often as they desire. So whether you need a little help reading the cookbook or finding new recipes, or want to sit back and relax while we take care of the cooking, we’re here to help. 

Customized Meal Preparation for Seniors

Our meals for seniors services ensure clients can enjoy healthy, well-prepared meals every day.

Our meals can be catered to specific dietary restrictions and food preferences. Menus can be planned to accommodate the following dietary needs:

  • Religious Dietary Restrictions: Kosher, Jhatka, Christian Orthodox, Halal, and more
  • Personal Choice and Allergy Restrictions: Vegetarian, Vegan, Organic, Celiac, and more
  • Disease or Allergy Restrictions: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, Celiac, Lactose Free, Crohn’s Disease, and more

Whether you want to eat the way you always have with the recipes you love, or branch out and try something new, we can accomodate your needs! Feel free to reach out and ask us to design a customized meal plan.

More Than Just Caregiving

You can leave the grocery shopping and dishes to us. All our clients are responsible for is enjoying their home-cooked meal. When you receive care from Harmony Caregiving, you get much more than a meal delivery service. You receive a range of care and support that is suited to your specific needs. Whether your loved one needs help with meal prep, a ride to the grocery store, or for their fridge to be cleaned out, we’re here to provide the support they need.

Our team aims to provide more than just the basics. We want your caregiver to be more than a caregiver; we want them to be your friend and companion. That’s why we make sure your caregiver is matched specifically to you. We look at your individual personality, beliefs, and needs of you and your loved one before we match you with a caregiver.

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A Trusted Meal Service for Elderly Loved Ones

Imagine, your loved one waking up in their home to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and a freshly cooked, hot breakfast waiting for them as they come into the kitchen. It’s your dream for them, and it’s ours, too. 

Our meal services help seniors stay in their homes longer. We provide nutritious food and caring support so your loved one can age where they’re most comfortable. Your senior service caregiver can visit your loved one to provide meals as often or as little as they need. We can also prep meals for the entire week in just one visit. 

Your Harmony Caregiver will work with you, your loved one, and your loved one’s doctor to tailor a meal plan that will meet all your dietary needs. Contact us to learn how home meals for seniors can make your loved one feel healthier and younger!

Whether your loved one is physically unable to prepare the meals they once enjoyed, or that they are starting to lose the mental capability to finish preparation, we’ll ensure he or she is fed with the care they deserve. Caregivers will provide cooking and cleaning services for you or your loved ones. They’ll ensure all of the home-cooked meals are prepared within the dietary restrictions you require. You’ll have fresh, homemade meals prepared for you, leaving only a spotless kitchen behind.

It can be tough to ensure your loved ones are eating properly, especially when you can’t be there to help them. Contact us to learn more about how Harmony Caregiving can help you and your loved one with meal preparation for seniors.

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