Medical Appointment Accompaniment & Assistance

Medical Appointment Accompaniment Edmonton, AlbertaYou can rest assured your loved one will never miss a medical appointment and travel to and from their appointment safely with a trusted Harmony Caregiver. With our medical appointment accompaniment and assistance service, we plan with you to ensure that you have peace of mind knowing your loved one is cared for. The day before the appointment, Harmony Caregiving will follow-up with you and your loved one and confirm the appointment and a pickup time. We will also remind your loved one to bring their health card and any other information that their doctor requires such as medical appointment forms. The day of the appointment your Caregiver will arrive early to ensure that there is enough time to assist your loved one with leaving their home or health care facility.

We provide a unique personalized service when driving is not an option, or any of the following are a consideration:

  • Preparation is needed prior to a procedure/test, and your loved one may need a little assistance in following the instructions
  • Post medical procedures that require accompanied transportation home
  • Feeling overwhelmed about driving in traffic or during rush hour
  • When your loved one is prescribed medications that impair their ability to drive
  • Experiencing weakened eyesight or deterioration of hearing
  • When your loved one has limited mobility or strength
  • Anxiety is experienced when driving
  • No longer have a valid drivers license

Medical Appointment Accompaniment in Edmonton

Harmony Caregiving is fully insured and provides the ability to transport and accompany your loved one to and from appointments while providing you with peace of mind. A Harmony Health Care Aide will ensure your loved one is fully prepared for their appointment, arrives safely and in-time, with all of their required information. Your loved one will be comfortable and stress-free while traveling to and from their medical appointment. Our Caregivers can also attend your loved one’s medical appointment if needed. You will be updated with the appointment details regarding their health, without having to take the day off to take your loved one to the appointment yourself.

We also provide assistance with self-administered medications and medication reminders if your loved one needs to start a new medication or if the dosage changes. If you have any questions, contact us today. Call 780-328-3917 to speak with a specialist. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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