Prosthetic Assistance For Seniors

Providing Prosthetic Assistance to Your Loved One

Prosthetic Assistance For Seniors in Edmonton, AlbertaDoes your loved one have a prosthetic and you are unsure how to help or support them? Harmony Caregiving provides prosthetic assistance for seniors in Edmonton, Alberta. Our skilled team of caregivers can assist your elderly loved on with their prosthetic and educate you on how to support your parent, or assist your loved one for you. Contact Harmony Caregiving to learn more.

What Is A Prosthesis?

A prosthesis is the name of the artificial part itself that replaces or will be replacing the lost body part. Prosthetics is the branch of medicine that deals with artificial replacements of a missing body part which includes false teeth and artificial limbs. Recent technology has made new lightweight materials that are making prostheses much easier and better to use. While there is no full replacement for what was once lost, most people who have suffered amputations agree that a prosthesis is better than nothing.

Proper application and removal of a prosthesis should be shown correctly, and until you are confident in doing this yourself or for your loved one, you should not be conducting the procedures yourself. Correctly cleaning a prosthesis and the surrounding skin prevents bacterial infestation as it is more prone to diseases.

Caring For a Prosthetic: Cleaning And Prosthesis

A properly cleaned prosthetic leads to a healthy lifestyle as prosthetic sockets trap sweat which creates the perfect bacteria breeding ground. Bacterial infections will ultimately lead to skin irritation, abrasions which eventually causes skin breakdown. When a prosthetic is left unchecked, this can lead to ulcerations and infections.  By keeping up with daily maintenance, it will not only minimize tear and wear but also optimizes the function of the prosthetic. It is also important to clean your stump socks and change it daily as your stump may change over time. For more information on limb care, skin care, and prosthetic care, click here or contact Harmony Caregiving to speak with a senior care specialist.

Prosthetic Care for Seniors

If you experience any discomfort or have any specific questions regarding your prosthetic, contact your prosthetist immediately. A stump sock is necessary as it will protect your stump and makes you and your prosthesis more comfortable by absorbing perspiration and providing cushioning. The stump sock should be worn next to the skin between your stump. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Harmony Caregiving.


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