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As your parents or grandparents age, some of the personal care activities they once managed on a daily basis become very physically demanding. They may find they’re unable to complete normal activities of daily living, including showering and bathing, grooming, and basic hygiene. This can be frustrating and embarrassing for them.

The Personal Care Assistant (PCA) service is here to help your loved one live a comfortable and dignified lifestyle. Essentially, we help seniors through their regular personal care routine each day. Using the products a client loves most, we ensure each day’s routine is completely thoroughly and with the utmost dignity and respect. By doing this, we make the process fun and easy to get through.

Discover Our Hygiene Services

When we think of the health needs of seniors, we often think about activities like cooking, medication management, and cleaning services. It’s easy to overlook personal hygiene, but this is one of the most important aspects of elder care. Poor hygiene in older people causes a variety of health issues including skin irritation, infections, gum disease, and more. Meanwhile, a great personal care routine contributes to a healthy and happy lifestyle, and many seniors appreciate feeling like themselves. 

We have a variety of part and full-time senior care services available for a variety of care settings, from homes to hospitals to nursing homes. Some of our personal care services include:

Personal Grooming, Hair Care, and Shaving

Whether it be daily or weekly grooming, your personal assistant can help your loved one maintain their facial and body hair in the style they are most comfortable with. In addition, your loved one can enjoy the benefits of our in-home hair care service through our affiliated hairstylists, including regular haircuts, hair removal (shaving), or special event styling.


Your loved one may require help with their morning and evening dressing and undressing. Whether this is an ongoing or a short-term need as a result of an injury or operation, our trained Personal Care Assistants are ready to provide assistance to your loved one on a daily basis from the comfort of their own home.

Bathing / Showering

If your loved one needs help with daily bathing or showering, our Personal Care Assistants will help them enjoy a relaxing and refreshing bath or shower. We can also help your loved one learn to use any bathroom instalments or fixtures they may have, which may enable them to bathe alone.

Toileting / Incontinence

If your loved one requires help using the washroom, or needs regular diaper changing due to an ongoing need or as a short-term need following an injury or operation, our Personal Care Assistants will be there to aid your loved one in cleaning up.

Nail care

Our personal care service includes regular nail cleaning and trimming. In addition, our partnerships with local manicurists allow your loved one to have the full manicure experience in the comfort of their own home, or with a visit to the salon.

Oral care

Proper oral care, including brushing, flossing, or denture care, helps prevent gum disease. It also has a positive effect on your loved one’s overall health. Our caregivers will provide daily oral care to keep teeth and gums shining and healthy.

Safety First

Our team of trained professionals knows the best and safest way to help your loved one navigate their personal hygiene routine. They know that limited mobility and poor balance can cause your loved one to slip and injure themselves. Our team will provide gentle, caring support for your aging loved one to keep them clean, safe, and healthy. 

More than Hygiene for Seniors

At Harmony Caregiving, we go beyond simply preparing meals, providing companionship, and offering home health care. We want to make sure the senior in your life looks and feels their best each day. That’s how we provide the holistic care every person needs and deserves.

Our personal care aides and home support workers have successfully completed the Health Care Aide program and stay up to date on the provincial curriculum and health care requirements. They’re experts in continuing care, senior hygiene care, and other areas of senior home care. They want your loved one live with confidence and dignity. 

To learn more about our personal care program, book a private consultation.

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